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Dinettes for Everyone

Dinettes @ $298-$1298

The right Dinette can turn a cold dining room in to a warm gathering place to share meals and memories with the people you love. Dinettes are also excellent places to share you sense of style and taste with family and guests. Give your home the finished look and great functionality that only a dinette can provide. Unclaimed Freight offers a wide selection of dinettes to fit any budget or taste. From contemporary, to traditional styles to modern styling, we have the right dinette for everyone. Discover our great selection in the dinette photo gallery below. ®Signature Design by Ashley

Dark rectangular wooden table and four matching chairs with cushions
Dark rectangular wooden table and four matching chairs
A simple, small wooden round table and two matching chairs with dark cushions.
A smiling woman with dark hair and a sweat, standing behind a dark wooden topped table with cream/off-white trim and legs. Four matching chairs encircle in the table.
Gray and black marble topped table with black wooden trim and leg, and matching black leather and wood chairs.
A marble topped table with wooden trim and legs, and four black leather upholstered wooden chairs
A dark stained wooden-topped table with white trim and legs, four matching chairs and a bench.
A marble-topped table in a modern apartment and chairs with leather upholstery.
brown table and chairs
stools at a table
some rectangular stools at a small dining table
dark brown stools at a small table
4 dark brown chairs around a small square table
light born table and chairs
light brown chairs at a square table
brown round table with two cahirs
dark brown table and 4 chairs
brown table and chairs
white table and chairs
white-brown table and chairs
brown chairs and table
6 black chairs around a table
white table and chairs with a woman
some dark chairs at a glass table
brown chairs around a round table
black chairs at a square table
black table and chairs
brown table with chairs
round white table with black chairs
white padded stools at a brown table
brown chairs at a table
4 brown chairs and a bench at a brown table
dark chairs at a table
dark chairs around a light table
padded chairs around a large table
6 white chairs at a light brown table
white chairs at a white table
brown chairs with blue padding at a brown table
brown table with padded chairs
dark brown table and chairs
dark brown chairs padded with white cushions, around a dark brown table
6 cushioned chairs around a large table